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                                                                 Probably, only few
                                                   women do not love flowers.
                                          I am part of the majority: I simply 
                        adore them. I love to be given flowers, and
whenI am not, I am capable of presenting myself a small gift of my own. I can admire these surprising creations of Nature for hours. It is certainly a miracle that such beauty arises from a tiny sunflower seed, and just think of the variety of colors and forms. It is interesting for what reason they were created by God?  There, probably, exits some very profound meaning... I have somewhere read, that flowers are actually not creations of a terrestrial origin and that initially there were only grasslike plants on Earth, while blossoming plants reached us with meteorites from some distant galaxy.







 Who knows? It may or may not be true, but I, for one, am inclined to believe this story.  It is sad to observe, how in your hands or in a vase on a table these charming creations wither, losing their freshness and beauty. At present there exist all possible sorts of additives and solvents that render the lives of bouquets of real flowers two, three times time longer.  And even so such fowers will hardly retain their pleasant freshness for more than two weeks. To be true, one can also buy, certainly artificial flowers which are sometimes distinguished from real flowers with difficulty. But the knowledge, that they are actually not alive, will always irritate you.  Compositions of dry flowers
 decorated houses in the 19-th century, especially during winters, when there were no live greens.  By the beginning of the 20-th century, the interest in such compositions decreased noticeably, and even ten years ago the choice of dry plants was quite limited. Now much has changed - in large flower shops a wide choice of various dry grasses and flowers is available. Now only two things may be confusing. First, dry flowers do not exhibit the colours of plants.  This bias can be overcome if does not consider live and dry flowers to be competitors, but allies exhibiting different properties in a sole composition. The second bias is related to the feeling, that dry flowers are uninteresting and lifeless. Such opinions may arise because most compositions of dry flowers in shops and in homees represent bouquets with short stalks in small woven baskets, in brown, golden and creamy tones. These compositions are still called  "hedgehog in a basket". This should not confuse you, because such compositions have already become relics.  With the aid of new methods for drying plants and the interesting material, that is newly on sale, it is possible to arrangee striking, bright, modern compositions. For example, from dry flowers it is possible to
create bouquets       made of dried flowers and conserved grasses.
  In creating a collection -Gallery 2 - I was guided by the sole desire to prolong the beauty of fresh flowers, their
 natural colours and forms. To this end many methods for drying and conserving plants (for instance, live plants are sometimes conserved in solutions of glycerine). By no means rejecting known technologies, I wish to illustrate, in this collection, my method of drying flowers. It is quite laborious, since a form is made for practically each flower in order to achieve the desired result.  In the pictures one really sees dry flowers with their natural colours which remain intact for quite a long time, and they also retain their natural form, which is important for creating a three-dimensional composition.
 As to works made of leaves -Gallery 1, leaves' "skeletons" (sometimes termed skeletonized leaves) have been known for quite a long time in floristics. But such leaves have usually been applied in compositions only together with flowers to render them more expressive. They are sold in large specialized shops, but, unfortunately, the choice is very limited. And since I have decided to create compositions only of leaves' skeletons, which requires leaves of different sizes and forms, I have developed my own method for cleaning the
 How I have succeeded is up to you to judge.

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